FCC Spectrum Dashboard - Does free data have any value? May 3, 2016 08:30

I am still getting calls from customers that that see discrepancies between Allnet's spectrum ownership data and the FCC Spectrum Dashboard.  Although the FCC Spectrum Dashboard data is free, it doesn't reflect any spectrum changes that have been completed since 07/2014.  For these customers, I will typically walk through the transactions that have changed the spectrum ownership picture for the area or frequency they have targeted.  Below is a query for the 700 MHz A-block owner in Los Angeles, CA.  This spectrum moved from Verizon to T-Mobile on 5/1/2014, so it is correctly reflected in the Spectrum Dashboard data.

 To see how updates are not being reflected for spectrum transaction dated after 7/2014, lets look at the Anchorage, AK 700 MHz A-Block.  The Spectrum Dashboard indicates that this spectrum is still owned by Triad 700.  This spectrum was assigned to T-Mobile on 12/17/2014 and a second assignment of this spectrum to Alaska Wireless Network was just approved last week.

In summary, when free data is wrong, it is worth NOTHING.