AllNet Labs July National Carrier Reports July 29, 2014 13:56

For the rest of this week, Spektrum Metrics Labs is discounting each of its National Carrier Reports to $199 (regular $495).  To receive this discount, enter discount code 8U1NXU4PCYNM during your check out process.  Selecting the report name below will take you to our store where you can add the report to your cart.
July's National Carrier Reports highlight the effects of recent spectrum transactions including Verizon's purchase of Cincinnati Bell, AT&T's purchase of Sprint's WCS spectrum, as well as many smaller transactions filed prior to 7/1/2014.
The National Carrier reports reduce the time and money spent researching the effects of hundreds of FCC transactions on the National Wireless Carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile).  The National Carrier reports provide monthly visibility to each national carrier's Spectrum Holdings, available LTE Channels, and Peak Downlink Throughput for the 100 most populated markets (Cellular Market Areas) in the United States.  The National Carrier reports are delivered as Excel workbooks showing both summary information  for each carrier as well as spectrum band details.