Latest Fierce Wireless Article - 13 supporting maps September 28, 2015 00:00

We are excited to work again with Fierce Wireless to provide their readers with insights into each of the National Carriers deployable spectrum for LTE.  As Fierce Wireless indicated in their article, the today's version of the Download Spectrum Maps indicate each carrier's LTE spectrum that would be usable by the latest iPhone 6s.  We provided Fierce Wireless with maps indicating downlink spectrum totals for each carrier.

We have created additional maps for each carrier which detail their spectrum LTE channel capabilities for each of their deployable spectrum blocks.  You can receive a copy of the 13 map set by emailing or by signing up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of our home page (  

Verizon's LTE spectrum holdings are detailed below:

We also took into account that Verizon is beginning to deploy some of their PCS spectrum for LTE.  If Verizon had 20 MHz of PCS spectrum we assumed they would deploy 10 MHz for LTE and if they had 15 MHz of PCS spectrum we assumed they would deploy 5 MHz for LTE.  The remainder of the PCS spectrum will continue to be used for voice capacity.  If Verizon controlled both blocks of the cellular spectrum, all of their PCS spectrum was available for LTE deployment and if Verizon did not own either block of cellular spectrum, none of their PCS spectrum was available for LTE.