Sub-6 GHz Spectrum Screen and the Effects on the CBRS and C-band Auctions July 7, 2020 22:54

Recently the FCC has revised the Sub-6 GHz spectrum screen through the following rulemakings;  the CBRS report and order, the 2.5GHz spectrum transformation report and order, and the C-band report and order.*  In the chart below we reflect the spectrum allotments that are included in our Mobile Carrier - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool compared to the allotments that apply to the FCC Spectrum Screen.

The FCC divides the Spectrum Screen Total by 3 and rounds to 10 MHz.  So the Spectrum Screen seems to be set at 340 MHz for Sub-6 GHz spectrum.

Beginning with our July 2020 release of the Mobile Carrier - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool, we have updated our Spectrum Screen calculations to include the additional EBS and C-band spectrum.  

The Spectrum Screen calculations are available in the County Analysis Module, the CMA Market Analysis Module, and the PEA Market Analysis Module.

In the County Analysis Module, the Spectrum Screen values are displayed for each of 8 selected carriers for each US county. Nearly 2,000 carriers and spectrum owners can be selected for analysis.  Auto filters can be set on the 340 MHz spectrum screen value, or set lower to forecast the head room a carrier would need to acquire 100 MHz of spectrum in the C-band auction without exceeding the spectrum screen.

The analysis carries over to the PEA Market Analysis Module and the CMA Market Analysis Module where auto filters again can be set to model specific conditions to determine carriers likely thresholds by market.



* Appreciation to Fred Campbell with Wireless 20|20 for his assistance in compiling the recent rulemakings Spectrum Screen effects.