T-Mobile 3rd Quarter Earnings Spectrum Transactions October 23, 2017 06:30

With T-Mobile's earnings release today, they indicated 3 significant spectrum transactions without identifying either the transaction partners or the markets.  Below we have compiled a transaction listing from our Web Spectrum Viewer that details the March 2017 transaction with AT&T, the September 2017 transaction with AT&T, and the pending October 2017 transaction with Verizon. Allnet Insights' Web Spectrum Viewer enables the user to display all of the details for each of these transactions including whether the entire license is being assigned or only certain frequencies for certain counties.

In the images below, AT&T transactions are highlighted in orange, Verizon transactions are highlighted in red, and USCellular transactions are highlighted in blue.  Transactions with other carriers or spectrum holder are not color-coded.