When is the CBRS Spectrum Access System (SAS) Updated with new PAL licenses? March 30, 2022 18:57

In March we began to reflect the SAS default PAL assignments in the Spectrum Grid views of our Web Spectrum Viewer and Mobile Carrier - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool rather than the assignments that the FCC made following the auction.
In the Current Operator View below you can see that Dish has chosen the lower part of the CBRS frequency band for its assignments and Verizon has typical taken the upper part of the band.  Most of the time the GAA channels are spaced between different carriers channel allotments.  Our Current Operator View indicates the assignments that are currently in the SAS.  There is a delay between when licenses are granted by the FCC and when they are loaded into the SAS.  For example Rio Broadband, Nikola Engineering, Cross Wireless, and SureWest Broadband had their licenses granted on 12/9/2021 but they were only loaded into the SAS on 2/14/2022.
There are still 2755 CBRS licenses that have not been granted.  In the Current View of the Spectrum Grid, the spectrum that will be assigned is reflected as General Authorized Access (GAA) since all SAS operators can utilize that spectrum until the remain PAL licenses are granted and a network launched.  In our Future View of the Spectrum Grid, we reflect the future granting of these PAL licenses with placeholding assignments.  If you look at Clinton county, IL and Jefferson county, MO the assignments for CableOne (CBO) can be seen.