Spectrum Summary - June 15, 2018 June 15, 2018 12:18

FCC Transactions - June 13, 2018

In this weeks' FCC transactions, T-Mobile and Central Texas Telephone exchange AWS1 licenses in San Angelo, TX and T-Mobile acquires 6 counties of 700MHz - A block spectrum between the San Antonio and San Angelo, TX markets. This further expands the potential service area for T-Mobile's LTE+ service. Sprint is acquiring PCS and 700MHz licenses in Puerto Rico from PRWireless (Open Mobile). It is interesting to note that Sprint will now control a license for the 700MHz - Upper C block (Verizon's block). The remaining transactions are new leases for Sprint covering Idaho, Nebraska, and Illinois. All of these are new leases, not previously under another carriers control, except the Nebraska lease which was previous held by Xanadoo which has been immersed in a bankruptcy process.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Partition RadioService Market ChannelBlock
Assignment Central Texas Telephone T-Mobile WQZA695 AWS1 BEA129 - San Angelo, TX C
Assignment Sprint AB Indiana WQLX994 BRS BTA373 - Richmond, IN H123
Assignment T-Mobile Central Texas Telephone WQIZ448 Map 700MHz BEA129 - San Angelo, TX A
Assignment T-Mobile Central Texas Telephone WQXU633 AWS1 REA005 - Central F
Assignment T-Mobile Central Texas Telephone WQSB752 Map 700MHz BEA134 - San Antonio, TX A
New Lease Sprint Bingham County Educational WND468 Map EBS P02599 - P35 GSA,42-52-56.7 N,112-30-48.9 W D1234
New Lease Sprint Blackfoot School District WND469 Map EBS P02386 - P35 GSA,42-51-56.7 N,112-30-48.9 W G1234
New Lease Sprint Shekinah Network WND465 Map EBS P03455 - P35 GSA,42-51-56.7 N,112-30-48.9 W A1234
New Lease Sprint Triton College WHM934 Map EBS P02406 - P35 GSA,41-52-44.1 N,87-38-10.2 W B1234
New Lease Sprint WS Educational Broadcasting WND551 Map EBS P02359 - P35 GSA,41-4-15 N,96-13-31.1 W C1234
Assignment Sprint PRWireless PR KNLF736 PCS BTA489 - Mayaguez-Aguadilla-Ponce, PR C
Assignment Sprint PRWireless PR KNLF746 PCS BTA488 - San Juan, PR C
Assignment Sprint PRWireless PR WQJU652 700MHz REA010 - Puerto Rico/U.S.Virgin Islands C