Spectrum Summary - June 22, 2018 June 22, 2018 12:19

FCC Transactions from June 20, 2018
The FCC transactions this week start with an assignment of a Minnesota EBS license from one educational group to another.  Next, Sprint acquires BRS spectrum licenses in Key West, FL and Hilo, HI.  360 Communications initiated a new lease for a EBS license spanning the Oklahoma/Arkansas border near Fort Smith.  Sprint's new leases with the University of Nebraska provide additional spectrum depth in Kearney, NE.  These leases effectively ended a lease arrangement with SpeedConnect.  The last group of leases with SpeedConnect provide Sprint additional spectrum in Cedar Rapids and Davenport, IA.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Partition RadioService Market ChannelBlock
Assignment BERTHA HEWITT PUBLIC SCHOOL Eagle Valley Public Schools WHB842 Map EBS P02400 - P35 GSA,46-7-38.9 N,94-57-15.1 W A1234
Assignment Sprint Key West Wireless WMH604 Map BRS P03523 - P35 GSA,24-33-19.5 N,81-48-6.3 W E1234
Assignment Clearwire Spectrum Holdings III LLC One Planet Wireless WQMK412 BRS BTA190 - Hilo, HI All
New Lease 360 Communications, Inc. Van Buren School District WNC445 Map EBS P02211 - P35 GSA,35-26-51.3 N,94-21-54.8 W A1234
New Lease Sprint University of Nebraska WLX893 Map EBS P01125 - P35 GSA,40-44-30 N,99-22-41.4 W A1234
New Lease Sprint University of Nebraska WNC503 Map EBS P00491 - P35 GSA,40-41-30 N,98-23-21.2 W D1234
New Lease Sprint SpeedConnect WNTH585 Map BRS P01972 - P35 GSA,42-2-46 N,91-38-42.6 W H1
New Lease Sprint SpeedConnect WNTI403 Map BRS P01979 - P35 GSA,42-2-46 N,91-38-42.6 W H3
New Lease Sprint SpeedConnect WNTJ376 Map BRS P01983 - P35 GSA,41-31-58.1 N,90-34-40.5 W H3
New Lease Sprint SpeedConnect WNTJ387 Map BRS P02966 - P35 GSA,41-31-58.1 N,90-34-40.5 W H1
New Lease Sprint SpeedConnect WNTJ392 Map BRS P02967 - P35 GSA,41-31-58.1 N,90-34-40.5 W H2