Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - April 19, 2019 June 19, 2019 00:00

FCC Transactions from 4/17/2019
In this week's FCC Transactions, Ztark Spectrum is acquiring the BRS2 channel covering Albuquerque, NM from Business Music.  Sprint has filed to lease or sublease 4 EBS licenses.  They are leasing the BRS H3 channel in Miami-Dade County and the EBS D channels covering New Jersey and New York from Rutgers University.  Sprint will be subleasing the EBS A channels and G channels from Wisper Wireless covering St Cloud. MN.  The Rutgers lease increases the number of channels that Sprint leases from 2 to 4 channels.  All of the Wisper Wireless channels will be new to Sprint's network.  In addition, Sprint is subleasing their EBS A channels in Phoenix to Oceus Networks.  The last EBS spectrum transaction leases the EBS B channels (pre-transition) from Excellence in Education to Gallatin Wireless Internet.  These channels cover Billing, MT.  The remaining transactions are focused on the 700MHz guard band.  First, Lake Country Internet is leasing the 700MHz guard band channel in Mecklenburg, VA from Access 700.  Wisper ISP is also leasing the 700MHz guard band channel in three Illinois counties.
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment Ztark Spectrum Business Music WLW898 Map BRS P01392 - P35 GSA,35-12-51.2 N,106-27-4.1 W BRS2
New Lease Sprint Miami-Dade County WEF376 Map BRS P01286 - P35 GSA,25-46-31.4 N,80-11-48.2 W H3
New Lease Gallatin Wireless Internet Excellence in Education Network WNC588 Map EBS P00516 - P35 GSA,45-46-3.8 N,108-27-29.5 W VID B1234
New Lease Lake Country Internet BPC Spectrum WPRR301 Map 700MHz GB MEA006 - Richmond A
New Lease Sprint Rutgers, The State Univ. of N.J WHR872 Map EBS P00933 - P35 GSA,40-31-29.4 N,74-25-51.5 W D1234
New Lease Wisper ISP Access 700 WPRR313 Map 700MHz GB MEA023 - Louisville-Lexington-Evansville A
New Lease Wisper ISP Access 700 WPRV434 Map 700MHz GB MEA030 - St. Louis A
New Sublease Sprint Wisper Wireless WLX303 Map EBS P00991 - P35 GSA,45-49-6.9 N,94-34-40 W G1234
New Sublease Sprint Wisper Wireless WND310 Map EBS P02306 - P35 GSA,45-45-5.9 N,94-48-31.1 W A1234
New Sublease Oceus Networks Sprint WND273 Map EBS P02590 - P35 GSA,32-49-27.2 N,111-42-11.5 W A1234