Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - August 21, 2020 October 21, 2020 00:00

FCC Transactions from August 19, 2020
In this week's FCC transactions, Verizon filed to acquire an AWS-1 block of spectrum in Topeka, KS from Lynch AWS and a PCS license in Watertown, NY from MCG PCS.  T-Mobile filed to acquire an EBS license in Texas that was previously leased to another company.  T-Mobile also filed to re-lease 4 EBS licenses in Missouri, Tennessee, and Louisiana.  T-Mobile previously leased each of these licenses.  In the last transactions, SoniqWave re-leased 2 EBS licenses in New Mexico.  The previous leases were with Ztark Spectrum, which we discovered this week is part of the SoniqWave ownership.
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment Verizon Lynch AWS Corporation WQGD647 AWS-1 BEA123 - Topeka, KS C
Assignment Verizon MCG PCS II, Inc. WPTF728 PCS BTA463 - Watertown, NY C
Assignment T-Mobile Logan-Rogersville R-VIII School District WNC384 Map EBS P00450 - P35 GSA,37-12-6.2 N,92-56-34.6 W G
New Lease T-Mobile HALLETTSVILLE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL WLX801 Map EBS P00312 - P35 GSA,29-27-14.9 N,97-14-59 W A
New Lease SoniqWave Networks Church of God, New Mexico WNC337 Map EBS P03129 - P35 GSA,32-17-34.3 N,106-41-50 W D
New Lease SoniqWave Networks Church of God, New Mexico WNC712 Map EBS P01189 - P35 GSA,36-41-51 N,108-13-21.3 W D
New Lease T-Mobile Educational Broadband Corp. WLX818 Map EBS P00316 - P35 GSA,35-42-17.2 N,88-44-45.2 W B
New Lease T-Mobile Educational Broadband Corp. WLX819 Map EBS P02134 - P35 GSA,35-38-46.3 N,88-49-57.2 W A
New Lease T-Mobile Ouachita Academy of Arts and Science WNC534 Map EBS P00501 - P35 GSA,32-27-22.5 N,91-39-27.4 W B