Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - March 19, 2021 May 19, 2021 13:30

FCC Transactions from March 17, 2021
In this week's transactions T-Mobile filed to acquire an EBS license in California from Commonbond Foundation.  T-Mobile previously leased this license.  T-Mobile also filed nine re-leasing applications.  These applications cover EBS licenses in South Dakota, Texas, Indiana, New York and Tennessee.  There were five sub-lease applications filed.  Aeronet Wireless filed to sublease an EBS license in Puerto Rico from T-Mobile, while T-Mobile filed to sub-lease 3 licenses from Krisar for spectrum in New York and Pennsylvania, and for spectrum in Michigan from Casair Spectrum.  The final applications were re-lease applications filed by Rhino Communications and SoniqWave Networks.  Rhino and SoniqWave will both continue to have access to EBS licenses in Texas.
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment T-Mobile Commonbond Foundation WND544 Map EBS P03050 - P35 GSA,38-20-51.7 N,122-34-38.9 W A
New Lease T-Mobile BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY WLX863 Map EBS P02142 - P35 GSA,44-2-48 N,103-14-47.7 W D
New Lease T-Mobile Center Point Independent School District WLX653 Map EBS P01760 - P35 GSA,30-1-10.8 N,99-20-10.2 W A
New Lease T-Mobile Yoakum Independent School District WLX799 Map EBS P00311 - P35 GSA,29-27-14.9 N,97-14-59 W C
New Lease T-Mobile Trustees of Indiana University WHR490 Map EBS P00873 - P35 GSA,41-36-58.2 N,86-11-32 W B
New Lease T-Mobile Trustees of Indiana University WHR944 Map EBS P00950 - P35 GSA,40-46-41.2 N,86-4-48 W G
New Lease Rhino Communications TEXAS STATE TECHNICAL COLLEGE-Sweetwater WLX368 Map EBS P02482 - P35 GSA,32-26-38.5 N,99-44-5.3 W A
New Lease SoniqWave Networks Socorro Independent School District WNC587 Map EBS P03425 - P35 GSA,31-47-15.4 N,106-28-49 W D
New Lease T-Mobile NEDERLAND INDEPEND SCHOOL DISTRICT WLX358 Map EBS P01007 - P35 GSA,30-5-18.8 N,93-57-12.6 W B
New Lease T-Mobile The Source for Learning WHR520 Map EBS P01816 - P35 GSA,40-44-54.4 N,73-59-8.5 W D
New Lease T-Mobile East Tennessee State University WHR816 Map EBS P00919 - P35 GSA,36-18-7.4 N,82-21-43.5 W A
New Lease T-Mobile East Tennessee State University WHR817 Map EBS P00920 - P35 GSA,36-16-7.4 N,82-20-20.5 W D
New Sublease Aeronet Wireless T-Mobile WLX321 Map EBS P01824 - P35 GSA,18-23-33 N,66-19-5.6 W A
New Sublease T-Mobile Krisar WLX929 Map EBS P02366 - P35 GSA,42-52-50.2 N,76-11-57.7 W C
New Sublease T-Mobile Krisar WNC514 Map EBS P00494 - P35 GSA,43-8-34.3 N,75-10-32.6 W D
New Sublease T-Mobile Krisar WND588 Map EBS P00211 - P35 GSA,40-45-8.2 N,77-45-15 W A
New Sublease T-Mobile Casair Spectrum WLX253 Map EBS P00259 - P35 GSA,43-28-24.1 N,83-50-39.9 W A