Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - November 15, 2019 January 15, 2020 00:00

FCC Transactions from November 13, 2019
In this week's FCC Transactions, PowerSouth Energy has filed to acquire parts of three 700MHz guard band licenses covering parts of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.   In addition, Sprint filed five new lease applications for EBS call signs. These licenses cover parts of Texas, Michigan, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Florida.  The Michigan and Minnesota leases are new leases to Sprint.
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment PowerSouth Energy Access 700 WPRV427 Map 700MHz GB MEA008 - Atlanta A
Assignment PowerSouth Energy Access 700 WPRV430 Map 700MHz GB MEA024 - Birmingham A
Assignment PowerSouth Energy Access 700 WPRV432 Map 700MHz GB MEA027 - New Orleans-Baton Rouge A
New Lease Sprint LAREDO CATHOLIC WLX777 Map EBS P00152 - P35 GSA,27-24-10.1 N,99-26-50.1 W G
New Lease Sprint Otsego Public Schools WNC483 Map EBS P03149 - P35 GSA,42-39-1.1 N,85-31-37.1 W C
New Lease Sprint St. Anthony School WLX793 Map EBS P00309 - P35 GSA,20-49-12.5 N,156-27-16.8 W D
New Lease Sprint Waseca Public Schools WLX449 Map EBS P03375 - P35 GSA,44-8-33.9 N,94-0-8.8 W D
New Lease Sprint Westwood Hills Church of God WNC441 Map EBS P01154 - P35 GSA,29-56-29.9 N,82-23-50.4 W A