Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - October 16, 2020 December 16, 2020 15:00

FCC Transactions from October 14, 2020
All of this week's transactions involve T-Mobile acquiring (assignments) or leasing (new leases) EBS spectrum.  For all of the assignments, T-Mobile currently leases each of the licenses and T-Mobile also currently leases each of the new lease call signs.  With the assignment applications, T-Mobile will own additional EBS spectrum in Alabama, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.  The new lease applications will continue to provide T-Mobile with access to EBS spectrum in Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment T-Mobile Bridge The Divide Foundation WND322 Map EBS P03218 - P35 GSA,32-45-30.5 N,85-28-20.8 W C
Assignment T-Mobile Bridge The Divide Foundation WND323 Map EBS P02307 - P35 GSA,32-45-30.5 N,85-28-20.8 W D
Assignment T-Mobile Bridge The Divide Foundation WND324 Map EBS P00662 - P35 GSA,32-45-30.5 N,85-28-20.8 W G
Assignment T-Mobile Chattahoochee Flint R.E.S.A. WND487 Map EBS P03231 - P35 GSA,32-27-55.5 N,85-3-27.8 W B
Assignment T-Mobile Consortium for Public Education WNC484 Map EBS P01160 - P35 GSA,40-26-46.2 N,79-57-50.2 W C
Assignment T-Mobile University Radio Foundation WND601 Map EBS P00214 - P35 GSA,35-17-14.5 N,80-41-44.2 W D
New Lease T-Mobile Burke County Middle School WNC452 Map EBS P00474 - P35 GSA,33-15-33.5 N,82-17-8.4 W D
New Lease T-Mobile Greene County Hospital WNC372 Map EBS P00446 - P35 GSA,33-3-15.4 N,87-32-57 W G
New Lease T-Mobile Greene County Tech School District WLX389 Map EBS P01016 - P35 GSA,36-6-26.2 N,90-34-45.4 W G
New Lease T-Mobile Hoxie School district #46 WLX390 Map EBS P02485 - P35 GSA,36-6-26.2 N,90-34-45.4 W C
New Lease T-Mobile Independent School District No. 11 WNC356 Map EBS P00440 - P35 GSA,36-7-52.3 N,96-4-14 W B