Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - September 8, 2023 November 8, 2023 14:00

Spectrum Transactions image.png
FCC Transactions from September 6, 2023

In this week's FCC transaction, T-Mobile filed to acquire 3 EBS licenses, 2 of them being in Louisiana from Central Lafourche High School, and Assumption HIgh School, respectively. The other one was from HITN in Tennessee.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market ChannelBlock
Assignment T-Mobile HITN WLX684 Map EBS P00294 - P35 GSA,36-9-56.2 N,86-46-46 W D
Assignment T-Mobile Central Lafourche High School WLX612 Map EBS P03021 - P35 GSA,29-41-39.8 N,90-59-58.4 W B
Assignment T-Mobile Assumption High School WLX844 Map EBS P02139 - P35 GSA,29-41-39.8 N,90-59-58.4 W C