Weekly Spectrum Transactions Summary - December 2, 2022 February 2, 2023 17:30

FCC Transactions from November 25, 2022

In this week's FCC transactions, T-Mobile files to acquire 2 EBS licenses from Champlain College in Northeast Vermont. Meanwhile, Strata Networks files for 4 AWS-3 frequencies from Emery Wireless in Colorado and Utah. For New Leases, T-Mobile files to lease 3 EBS call signs from Iowa Lakes Community College, Gilman City R-IV School District, and Parkland College, in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois, respectively.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market ChannelBlock
Assignment T-Mobile Champlain College WLX722 Map EBS P00300 - P35 GSA,44-8-19.2 N,72-38-30.4 W A
Assignment T-Mobile Champlain College WLX786 Map EBS P00308 - P35 GSA,44-34-15.2 N,71-53-37.3 W A
Assignment Strata Networks Emery Wireless WQXW546 AWS-3 CMA348 - Colorado 1 - Moffat G
Assignment Strata Networks Emery Wireless WQXW547 AWS-3 CMA674 - Utah 2 - Morgan G
Assignment Strata Networks Emery Wireless WQXW548 AWS-3 CMA675 - Utah 3 - Juab G
Assignment Strata Networks Emery Wireless WQXW549 AWS-3 CMA677 - Utah 5 - Carbon G
New Lease T-Mobile Iowa Lakes Community College WHF247 Map EBS P02401 - P35 GSA,43-9-52.9 N,95-19-30 W A
New Lease T-Mobile Gilman City R-IV School District WLX785 Map EBS P01774 - P35 GSA,39-52-4 N,94-22-14.8 W G
New Lease T-Mobile Parkland College WLX918 Map EBS P00355 - P35 GSA,40-10-51.1 N,88-19-4.2 W G