Weekly Spectrum Transactions Summary - October 21, 2022 December 21, 2022 14:30


FCC Transactions from October 19, 2022

In this week's FCC transactions, OptimERA filed to lease 2 PCS spectrum and 2 700Mhz Lower band from AT&T in Alaska while Pacific Wireless filed to have access to a 700MHz guard band from BPC Spectrum in Hawaii.
The last application is a sublease from Aeronet Wireless to have access to the EBS spectrum T-Mobile leases in Puerto Rico.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market ChannelBlock
New Lease OptimERA AT&T KNLG254 PCS BTA014 - Anchorage, AK F
New Lease OptimERA AT&T WPOK573 PCS BTA014 - Anchorage, AK C
New Lease OptimERA AT&T WPYZ889 700 MHz Lower Band CMA316 - Alaska 2 - Bethel C
New Lease OptimERA AT&T WQIZ597 700 MHz Lower Band CMA316 - Alaska 2 - Bethel B
New Lease Pacific Wireless Acquisition BPC Spectrum LLC WPRR325 700 MHz Guard Band MEA048 - Hawaii A
New Sublease Aeronet Wireless T-Mobile WLX321 Map EBS P01824 - P35 GSA,18-23-33 N,66-19-5.6 W A