Weekly Transaction Summary - April 28, 2023 June 28, 2023 15:00

FCC Transactions from April 26, 2023

In this week's FCC transactions, T-Mobile leases one of its BRS call signs to Fulair Wireless in Louisiana, while Wisper also filed to lease 2 BRS frequencies from T-Mobile in Minnesota. For subleases, we see T-Mobile filing to sublease 3 EBS call signs from Wisper, and vice versa, Wisper subleases 4 EBS licenses from T-Mobile in Minnesota. T-Mobile also files to sublease another EBS license from Unified Communications in Texas.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market ChannelBlock
New Lease Fulair Wireless T-Mobile B238 Map BRS BTA238 - Lake Charles, LA H
New Lease Wisper T-Mobile B391 Map BRS BTA391 - St. Cloud, MN H
New Lease Wisper T-Mobile B142 Map BRS BTA142 - Fergus Falls, MN H
New Lease Wisper T-Mobile WHR750 Map EBS P03633 - P35 GSA,45-33-35.9 N,94-9-21 W B
New Sublease T-Mobile Wisper WLX303 Map EBS P00991 - P35 GSA,45-49-6.9 N,94-34-40 W G
New Sublease T-Mobile Wisper WND311 Map EBS P00659 - P35 GSA,45-49-6.9 N,94-34-40 W A
New Sublease T-Mobile Wisper WND407 Map EBS P03225 - P35 GSA,46-9-59.9 N,95-2-41.1 W D
New Sublease T-Mobile Unified Communications WLX438 Map EBS P01037 - P35 GSA,29-59-52.8 N,96-26-14.9 W C
New Sublease Wisper T-Mobile WHG355 Map EBS P01803 - P35 GSA,46-9-59.9 N,95-2-41.1 W C
New Sublease Wisper T-Mobile WHR730 Map EBS P00899 - P35 GSA,46-9-0.9 N,95-19-41.1 W A
New Sublease Wisper T-Mobile WND409 Map EBS P02316 - P35 GSA,46-9-59.9 N,95-2-41.1 W B
New Sublease Wisper T-Mobile WND408 Map EBS P00680 - P35 GSA,46-9-59.9 N,95-2-41.1 W B