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Queries provide you with the ability to select any of our four databases (FCC Transactions, Spectrum Grid, FCC Data, and Carrier Information) and then select the columns from each database to query.  When the Queries tab is initially opened, a pre-selected query from our FCC database is loaded.  The columns that are display were selected with the check boxes at the top of the screen.

To set up a new query, select <Reset>, and then check each of the fields you want included and select <Submit Query>.  The fields will be laid out from left to right based upon the order the fields are selected.

To narrow down the spectrum data, you can use the filters.  Below we select the <State> field.

After selecting the Field, you can either select a specific Field Value or input a Wild Card value to narrow down the data.  

If you want to narrow the displayed data with more than one Selected Field, select <Save Filter>.  You can now add additional Fields to your filter.

 Here we are adding the Filter for Radio Service Desc for AWS-3 spectrum licenses.

You must selected <Save Filter> to apply that new filter to the displayed data.

 Filters can be removed by selecting <Delete>.


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