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Providing the best spectrum ownership and analysis solutions for your business

Allnet Insights & Analytics is the leading authority on US wireless spectrum ownership. Our tools and reports provide both detailed spectrum assignment information for each US county and comprehensive spectrum depth, LTE channel information, and MHz-POPs estimates for nearly 1900 carriers and spectrum licensees.



Web Spectrum Viewer

The Web Spectrum Viewer is an Web based product which allows users to visualize and analyze the current spectrum ownership for all of the mobile carrier and satellite frequency bands at a county level for all 50 states and US territories.  The Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool provides analysis for over 1800 licensees.  The Basic Module includes details of filed FCC Transactions (Transactions), a a graphical view of the spectrum ownership within a county (Spectrum Grid), a tabular summary of the available licensees and carriers (Carrier), and a Spectrum Database (Queries) tool which provides license information for all Mobile Carriers licenses from 600 MHz to 2.5 GHz.

Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool

The Allnet Insights' Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool is an advanced visualization instrument that gives users the ability to view and analyze the current and future spectrum ownership for the Mobile Carrier bands and the Millimeter Wave (5G) bands. Spectrum depth and available LTE channels can be detailed for over 1800 carriers and licensees, by county, market (EA, PEA, CMA), band classification (low, mid, or high), frequency band, state or nation.

In each of these versions, spectrum ownership is detailed by county for each of the licensed and leasing carriers.  The Mobile Carrier version covers the 600MHz, 700MHz, SMR/Cellular, PCS, AWS, WCS, EBS, and BRS bands as well as the pertinent satellite bands.  The Millimeter Wave (5G) covers both MVDDS (12.2-12.7 GHz), 24 GHz, both LMDS frequency bands (28,29, and 31 GHz) and the 39 GHz band.  This valuable information is instantly available via a downloaded link, giving you instant access to the information in an easy to read format.

Our analysis tools and reports offer independent spectrum analysis that far surpasses information currently in use by the national wireless carriers. Allnet Insights and Analysis gives you the information you need to manage your wireless business with confidence.

Financial Industry Uses

  • National Spectrum Holdings by Carrier
  • Carrier's Spectrum Holdings by Frequency Band
  • View Channel Ownership at a Market Level
  • View Spectrum Allocations for New Spectrum Bands
  • Evaluate Carrier's MHz-POPs detailed by Band (low, mid, high) and by Frequency Block (600, 700, SMR/Cellular, PCS, AWS1, AWS2, AWS3, AWS4, WCS, EBS/BRS)
  • Evaluate Carrier's Spectrum Depth by County, Partial Economic Area (PEA) Markets, Economic Area (EA) Markets, and Cellular Market Areas (CMA) Markets
  • Determine Markets where Carrier have relative Strengths or Weaknesses.

View Investment Reports utilizing Allnet Insight's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool:


Wireless Industry (Strategy & Planning) Uses

  • Track Spectrum Acquisitions that will create new deployment projects for existing and new customers
  • Create national, state, and market maps to understand spectrum band ownership
  • Determine the number of LTE channels in a market area (by frequency band) to determine effect on installed infrastructure
  • Evaluate mergers and acquisitions and their affect on FCC targets


Wireless Industry (Deployment, Engineering, and DAS) Uses

  • See Spectrum Acquisitions and Trades that will affect RAN and DAS network configuration
  • Access detailed ownership, lease, frequency, and call sign information by county and frequency block, for site acquisition, zoning, and permitting documents
  • Understand the spectrum blocks available to forecast capacity growth on existing towers and the loading needs for new towers.
  • Determine the number of new base stations and antennas needed to build out new spectrum blocks.
  • Forecast fiber, wireless, and cabled backhaul needs based upon carriers RAN capacity
  • Access current or future channel information for customers and market competitors for interference studies and interference mitigation.
  • Track current and future channels in each market for DAS deployments and ongoing DAS maintenance

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