Channel 51 - Lansing MI February 12, 2015 10:02

Yesterday, the FCC approved a Channel 51 transition in Lansing, MI.  The movement of this TV station from Channel 51  to Channel 25, will eliminate the adjacent channel interference risk to T-Mobile's 700MHz A-Block spectrum in Detroit.  Below is a listing of the currently filed Channel 51 transitions.  Each of the Daily Digest dates is linked to the filed information.

Final Daily           Digest Initial Daily          Digest           Market Call Sign Current 
12/13/2013 Oklahoma City, OK KSBI(TV)     51     23
9/4/2014 Rome, GA WPXA(TV)     51     31
9/4/2014 Kansas City, MO KPXE-TV     51     30
12/23/2014 9/18/2014 Dayton, OH WKEF(TV)     51     18
12/16/2014 10/17/2014 Denver, CO KCEC(TV)     51     26
12/8/2014 Longview, TX KCEB     51     26
2/11/2015           1/7/2015            Lansing, MI                          WLAJ-TV                  51                 25                         
AllNet's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool has incorporated the Channel 51 interference issue into our Spectrum Grid module.  From this module, you can see the 700MHz A-Block owner and an indication of whether Channel 51 is licensed in that particular county.  Green highlights over the Channel 51 call sign indicate that a transition plan has been approved, yellow highlights indicate that a transition plan has been filed, and red highlights indicate the markets where interference issues will persist.