600 MHz Band Plans July 26, 2016 07:30

To properly reflect the upcoming 600MHz spectrum in our Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool we created a band plan that details the spectrum that will be available for markets based upon the spectrum cleared.  The Uplink and Downlink Allocations chart provides the best visualization of how the uplink and downlink spectrum increase as the cleared spectrum increases.  This image indicates how uplink channels in high channel availability markets will be operating in the downlink spectrum of low channel availability markets.  In addition it demonstrates that in the 8-12 channel markets, channels that are contiguous in the uplink spectrum, may be discontiguous in the downlink spectrum due to the Channel 37 quiet zone and its guard bands.  You can also note that the channel adjacent to the 700 MHz A-Block spectrum will not be consistent since it will be tied to the spectrum clearing targets.  For example, New York (10 channel) could have Channel J adjacent to the 700 MHz A-Block while Los Angeles (5 channel) would have Channel E adjacent to the 700MHz A-Block.

600 MHz Uplink and Downlink Allocations: