T-Mobile Low Band Spectrum Depth January 12, 2016 11:00

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T-Mobile was quite active during the last quarter of 2015 closing deals to acquire low band (700 MHz A and B Block) spectrum.  Green areas in the map above reflect areas where T-Mobile controls 12 MHz of spectrum providing for a 5x5 LTE channel.  The Blue areas in North Dakota reflect T-Mobile ownership of both the A and B block, enabling the deployment of a 10x10 LTE channel. Below are the transactions that were announced during this time period:

It should be noted that during this same time period, T-Mobile assigned their 700 MHz A-Block spectrum in Alaska to Alaska Wireless Networks.  T-Mobile had acquired this spectrum from Triad 700 in late 2014.

Using the 2010 Census Population for each of the US Counties, it can be seen that T-Mobile has over 200 million licensed pops (Population) where they have enough spectrum for a 5x5 low band channel, and 10 thousand pops where they have enough spectrum for a 10x10 low band channel.  The 2010 Census set the total US population (states, districts, and territories) at 312 million.

This map and these transactions reflect the Future data set from Allnet Insight's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool (January 2016 Version).