700 MHz A-Block Spectrum Owners January 19, 2016 11:30

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T-Mobile has increased their ownership of low band spectrum licenses to cover over 200 million POPs (population).  The map above depicts the 700MHz A-Block spectrum owner for each US county.  From the map you can see that significant portions of the 700 MHz A-Block spectrum are controlled by parties that are not likely to sell, like US Cellular and C Spire.  Cavalier and Charter are signficant (land mass) spectrum holders that would be likely sellers to T-Mobile.
Below you can see the population counts for each of the owners.  After T-Mobile's 201 million, Cavalier covers 26 million POPs, US Cellular 35 million POPs, C Spire 14 million POPs, Continuum 14 million POPs, and Laser has 10 million POPs in Chicago.
This map and these licensed population evaluations reflect the Future data set from Allnet Insight's Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool (January 2016 Version).