TeraGo Networks | FDD then TDD: Canada's Millimeter Wave Spectrum Dilemma May 12, 2020 00:00

Last week, Lightreading published an article about TeraGo's Fixed Wireless aspirations utilizing 24GHz and 38GHz.  We have just updated our Millimeter Wave - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool (CAN) to reflect the recent (ISED) consultation outlining Canada's millimeter wave spectrum configuration and upcoming auction.  This is important because TeraGo's plans rely on the existing paired spectrum configuration of the 38GHz band plan.  This band plan was compatible with the US 39GHz plan prior to Auction 103 when the plan was changed to TDD channels. 


Canada is changing the configuration of the above 38GHz band from fixed use to flexible use along with adding the spectrum down to 37.6GHz and up to 40GHz.  This creates a 37/39GHz band that is compatible with the US spectrum plans.  



Now that ISED has chosen to reconfigure the 38GHz they needed to either cancel the existing licenses from the 38GHz Fixed Service or create a transition plan.  ISED opted for the transition plan.  The existing 38GHz licenses will transition to an equal amount of spectrum in the 37/39GHz band at the end of their existing 10 year license term.  Looking at several of TeraGo's licenses, it appears that transition will occur in 2025.