Canadian 3.5GHz Auction Results and Consolidated Spectrum Ownership August 3, 2021 12:00

Last week the Canadian 3.5GHz spectrum auction concluded and winning bids were announced.  Our Mobile Carrier - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool (CAN) has been updated to reflect these new winning bids.  Below are a few views of both the auction results and the composite spectrum holdings that are available from this analytical tool.
Spectrum Ownership Grid:
Spectrum Depth (Frequency Band Detail):
National Spectrum Band Ownership:
This chart indicates the percentage of the Broadband Wireless (BWS) band that each selected carrier controls based upon each carriers National MHz-POPs.  From this chart you can see that 7% of the BWS spectrum is controlled by carriers other than the 8 listed.  National Spectrum Band Ownership charts are available for each of the band classifications (low band, lower mid band, and upper mid band) along with each of the frequency band in all of our Mobile Carrier Tools.
Carrier Spectrum Distribution:
These charts highlight individual carrier's spectrum distribution, again measured as a percentage of MHz-POPs.  The chart immediately below indicates that the largest percentage of Telus's spectrum is upper mid band.  The specific frequency band percentages can be seen in the lower chart.  The upper mid band percentage (45%) is made up of roughly 13% (WCS), 16% (BRS), and 17% (BWS).