CBRS Spectrum Leases have been loaded into the SAS April 26, 2022 12:00

With the release of the 04042022 update to the SAS database, the first CBRS spectrum leases are now active in the SAS.  As a reminder, the SAS (Spectrum Access System) controls the ability for each of the CBRS radios to operate and the frequencies on which they will operate.

This update allows us to see both how these leases are reflected and how long it takes from filing a lease with the FCC, to having it active in the SAS.

Below are most of the columns from the SAS for the licenses the Wireless Partners (aka Great North Wireless (GNW)), leases from Consolidated Communications.  There is no reference in the SAS database to the actual license owner, just the operator who has current control of the spectrum.  The previous version of the SAS database had Consolidated Communications as the controlling operator for these licenses.

From a timing perspective, all of Wireless Partners leases were granted on 1/21/2022, so there is roughly a 3 month lag from FCC lease to being operational in the SAS.

If you are having a difficult time, keeping track of the spectrum licensees or the spectrum lessees for the CBRS band, please consider how we manage this data in our Web Spectrum Viewer.

First, to see what spectrum is leased, you can choose the leased spectrum in a dialog box and only the leased spectrum is highlighted.  This feature could also be used to highlight the parts of the 2.5GHz spectrum that T-Mobile has purchased, or continues to lease.

To see who owns each of the blocks of spectrum, you would chose our licensed spectrum option.  In this view, I have highlighted the licenses that Great North is leasing.

You can also click on any cell to get the full details for that license.  For the Fayette County CBRS-C license you can see the licensee, lessee, current, and future operator of that spectrum block, along with link to the FCC ULS for the call sign and lease ID fields.

Finally, to see the license footprint for all of Great North's CBRS licenses, you can select these licenses in our Mapping module and export the resulting map below.