Granted 3.45GHz Licenses Reflected In Web Spectrum Viewer May 10, 2022 22:00

On May 4th, the FCC announced that they had granted all of the 3.45GHz licenses.  This is the point where our tools move from reflecting auction results to fully granted licenses.  

With fully granted licenses, our database indicates the call sign for each license.  The easiest way to find a call sign for any license is by selecting your desired geographic region (state, county, PEA, CMA, or EA) in our Spectrum Grid module.  In the image below, we are displaying all of the counties in the Seattle PEA market for the upper midband spectrum channels (WCS, EBS/BRS, 3.45GHz, and C-band).

The first way to see the assigned callsign is to click on the desired cell in the Spectrum Grid to reveal the license details.  Displayed below are the results for the 3.45GHz C block in King County.

The callsigns can also be displayed directly in the Spectrum Grid by choosing Call Sign in the Data Type filter. With this setting the callsigns for each channel in each of the Seattle PEA market counties are displayed