Mexico Introduces Partial Area Licenses in their Next Spectrum Auction May 14, 2024 17:00

On May 7th, Mexico's Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) announced a Public Consultation for their next spectrum auction.  The consultation process will run for 20 days until 6/3/2024.  In this consultation they have introduced a new licensing framework (APS) that makes spectrum available in much more regional areas.  Prior to this realignment, most of the licenses were either national or issued on PCS or Cellular market areas which divided the country into roughly similar 9 regions.  

Below are the Partial Area Markets are indicated along with the included municipios (counties).

Along with the new market boundaries, the IFT has included all of the spectrum returned by Telefonica, the spectrum that was not purchased in the last auction, and two bands of spectrum not previously auctioned.
Available Spectrum:
Name Frequency Band Proposed Configuration Market
600 MHz 614-698 MHz 5 blocks - 5x5 MHz  APS
1 block - 10x10 MHz National
L Band 1427-1518 MHz 8 blocks - 10MHz (TDD) National
2 blocks - 5 MHz (TDD) Future
800 MHz 814-824/859-869 MHz 2 blocks - 5x5 MHz APS*
AWS 1755-1760/2155-2160 MHz 1 block - 5x5 MHz APS
PCS 1850-1915/1930-1995 MHz 4 blocks - 5x5 MHz APS
1 block - .8x.8 MHz APS*
2.5 GHz 2500-2690 MHz 4 blocks - 10 MHz (TDD) APS

* APS or Partial Markets only apply to unlicensed markets.

These market changes and frequency band changes have been updated in our Mexico - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool and we have added a new APS Market Analysis module to aid in the bid evaluation process, so that existing spectrum holdings can be compiled for each frequency band and each band classification (low, lower mid, and upper mid).  This is an important update for US carriers and manufacturers to purchase to understand the technology constraints along the US/Mexico border and to understand the networks and capacity that their customers will experience when traveling in Mexico.

APS (Partial Market) Analysis Module: