Spectrum Ownership Viewer and Spectrum Database October 18, 2016 19:00

The shutdown of the FCC Spectrum Dashboard leaves a large void in user friendly access to FCC Spectrum Ownership Data as we illustrated in our FCC Spectrum Dashboard - The Final Episode Blog. A much better solution is the Spectrum Ownership View and Spectrum Database in Allnet's Web - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool.  


Once logged into the web site, the Spectrum Grid view for the entire country is seen.

Spectrum Grid:

The Band menu indicates that we are looking mid-band spectrum ownership which includes PCS.  Using region to select CO_Denver County, provides a detail view of the mid-band spectrum ownership for all carriers in Denver County.  From this view, you can see that Sprint controls the first 10 MHz of the A block spectrum and AT&T controls the remaining 5 MHz of the A block spectrum.

Clicking on the first Sprint cell, allows the user to extract the following details about that licenses.

With this detailed view, the call sign (KNLF243) and the current licensee (Wirelessco, L.P.) are both apparent.  When building our spectrum database, we not only combined the licensee and lease information, which were seperate and unmatched in the FCC Spectrum Dashboard, but will also indicate the current operator for each block of spectrum as well as the future operator, if the spectrum is subject to a pending transaction.

The Web - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool module that most parallels the FCC Spectrum Dashboard in our Database Query Tool.  The database query tool allows the user to identify individual or groups of licenses that meet many different criteria, such as, frequency band, market, licensee name, state, or county.

Spectrum Database Queries:

The other modules contained in Allnet's Web - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool exceed the FCC Spectrum Dashboard scope.

The Transactions Module details all of the FCC filed transactions for the mobile carrier and millimeter wave frequency bands.  Each application is listed and selecting the details button, reveals the status of each application and which call signs, counties, markets, and frequency blocks are included.

Transactions Module:

The last module details each of the licensee names and how they map to the commonly known carrier names.

Carriers Module: