Sub 6GHz and Millimeter Wave Spectrum Ownership Mapping November 5, 2019 21:57

Allnet Insights & Analytics is pleased to announce the availability of our Mobile Carrier and Millimeter Wave Spectrum Mapping Modules.  The Mapping Modules operates within our Web Spectrum Viewer to provide National maps, including all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands; along with county-level details.  The maps provide insights into each carrier and licensee's total spectrum, and spectrum in each frequency band.  For the mobile carrier bands (sub 6GHz), the low band, lower-mid band, and upper-mid band spectrum depths are also provided.  Below are maps that show various aspects of AT&T's Sub 6GHz and Millimeter Wave Spectrum.  The final map zooms in on AT&T's 24GHz spectrum in Colorado to show the county detail.  Selecting an individual county (Garfield in our example) displays the actual spectrum depth in the legend box.

AT&T Total Sub 6GHz Spectrum Depth:

AT&T Low Band Spectrum Depth:

AT&T Cellular Spectrum Depth:

AT&T Total Millimeter Wave Spectrum Depth:

AT&T 24GHz Spectrum Depth:

AT&T 24GHz Spectrum Depth (County Detail):