T-Mobile's AWS Band 66 - Largest LTE Channel November 1, 2016 07:30

Our previous post examined T-Mobile's specific spectrum ownership in the AWS-3 frequency band.  This post will look at T-Mobile's LTE capability for LTE Band Class 66 which encompasses all of the AWS-1 band along with the AWS-3 duplex channels (G, H, I, and J Blocks).  The LTE Channel Analysis Module in Spektrum Metrics Insights' Mobile Carrier Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool evaluates each carrier's contiguous spectrum holdings across both of these bands to determine the largest LTE channel available (up to 20MHz).  In the chart below you can see how T-Mobile's spectrum holdings in the AWS1 band and AWS3 band vary by county.  For the first 3 counties, T-Mobile can deploy a 20MHz LTE channel in 25MHz of spectrum.  Their AWS3 H Block channel would not initially be deployed.  In the final 3 counties, T-Mobile has only deployed a 15MHz LTE channel in the AWS1 spectrum.  Now with the addition of the AWS3 spectrum they can deploy a 20MHz LTE channel in 25MHz of spectrum.

Spectrum Grid Module:

Looking at the LTE Channel Analysis Module, you can see the size of the LTE channels that are available in each county.

LTE Channel Analysis Module:

Below we have mapped the largest LTE channel that T-Mobile can deploy using their joint AWS1/AWS3 spectrum.

The final map in this post indicates the counties where T-Mobile is able to increase the size of their initial AWS LTE channel by adding their Band Class 66 AWS-3 spectrum.