USA National Carriers TOTAL Spectrum June 2, 2020 00:00

Why don't we see charts that show both Sub 6GHz and Millimeter Wave Spectrum?  I created the chart below to illustrate each carriers low band, mid band, and millimeter wave (high band) spectrum ownership.  This is not a view that I favor because the spectrum that is the most important today and likely for at least the next 5 years in buried at the bottom of the chart.  The values in the chart represent the population weighted average of each carrier's spectrum.  The important features of spectrum for the next 5 years will center on upper mid-band spectrum where 5G networks can have significant speed/capacity along with reasonable coverage.   Upper mid-band spectrum will be the only spectrum where large channel sizes (greater than 20MHz) will be available, but it is clearly difficult to evaluate each carriers available spectrum when the bar graphs are dominated by millimeter wave spectrum.