Viewing Starry's Bankruptcy Licenses on Spektrum Metrics' Web Spectrum Viewer April 18, 2023 21:00

Last week, an involuntary assignment application was filed resulting in Starry Spectrum's licenses being assigned to Starry Group Holdings, Inc., Debtor-in-Possession.  This assignment change was put into motion by Starry's February 20, 2023 Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.   

In the involuntary assignment application, Starry lists their 104 - 24GHz license that they are seeking to retain, along with the lower 37GHz experimental licenses that they currently hold.  

To see markets included in each of these groups of licenses, we will utilize the mapping features from our Web Spectrum Viewer.  In the first map, we see Starry's Total Millimeter Wave held spectrum.

Total Millimeter Wave Spectrum


Following that we can choose to see just the 24GHz held spectrum.

24GHz Spectrum

 Last, we can choose to display the spectrum that Starry controls in the 37/39GHz band.  Looking at the legend, all of these licenses are 600MHz meaning they are the experimental licenses rather than the auctioned upper 37/39GHz licenses.

37/39GHz Spectrum