Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - April 30, 2021 June 30, 2021 13:30

FCC Transactions from April 28, 2021
In this week's FCC transactions, Verizon filed to acquire an AWS-1 license from Piedmont Telephone in South Carolina.  We also see the first transactions to transfer CBRS licenses.  Pathway Com-Tel filed to acquire 2 CBRS PAL licenses in Bosque county and 4 CBRS PAL licenses in Hamilton county.  The final three transactions involve EBS spectrum.  T-Mobile filed applications to re-lease EBS spectrum in Colorado and Oregon and Skybeam filed an application to lease EBS spectrum in Texas.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment Verizon Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative WQHI464 AWS-1 CMA626 - South Carolina 2 - Laurens A
Assignment Pathway Com-Tel Comcell WRLB430 CBRS D48035 - BOSQUE, TX 1
Assignment Pathway Com-Tel Comcell WRLB431 CBRS D48035 - BOSQUE, TX 2
Assignment Pathway Com-Tel Comcell WRLB434 CBRS D48193 - HAMILTON, TX 1
Assignment Pathway Com-Tel Comcell WRLB435 CBRS D48193 - HAMILTON, TX 2
Assignment Pathway Com-Tel Comcell WRLB436 CBRS D48193 - HAMILTON, TX 3
Assignment Pathway Com-Tel Comcell WRLB437 CBRS D48193 - HAMILTON, TX 4
New Lease T-Mobile Adams State University WQCP981 Map EBS P03801 - P35 GSA,37-28-9 N,105-53-2.1 W A
New Lease T-Mobile SOUTHERN OREGON UNIVERSITY WNC759 Map EBS P00569 - P35 GSA,42-21-22.4 N,122-58-37.2 W G
New Lease Skybeam West Wichita County Special Education Cooperative WLX432 Map EBS P03027 - P35 GSA,33-53-0.4 N,98-36-11.2 W C