Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - August 9, 2019 October 9, 2019 00:00

FCC Transactions from August 7, 2019
In this week's FCC transactions Verizon filed to acquire a PCS license covering St. Joseph, MO from USCellular.  NC13 Ventures filed to acquire a North Carolina AWS-1 license from Club 42.  Sprint filed a new lease application to access 4 EBS channels in southern Tennessee.   Sprint had not previously leased this license.  In the last application, NextWeb filed additional new leases for Verizon's LMDS B spectrum in Los Angeles and Orange County.  These appear to be for fixed wireless systems.  The LMDS B spectrum has not been converted for mobile licensing.
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment Verizon USCellular KNLH767 PCS BTA393 - St. Joseph, MO E
Assignment NC13 Ventures Club 42CM WQRL250 AWS-1 CMA577 - North Carolina 13 - Greene A
New Lease Sprint Franklin County Board of Education WNC563 Map EBS P00509 - P35 GSA,35-27-11.3 N,86-8-20 W G1234
New Lease NextWeb Verizon WPOH947 Map LMDS BTA262 - Los Angeles, CA B