Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - December 31, 2021 February 28, 2022 10:30

FCC Transactions from December 29, 2021
In this week's FCC transactions T-Mobile filed one assignment transaction and three new lease transactions.  In the assignment transaction T-Mobile is acquiring an EBS license in east Texas from New Waveryly School District.  In the new lease applications, T-Mobile is re-leasing an EBS license in California from Merced County Office of Education while the leases for two BRS licenses in North Dakota provide new access to spectrum in that state.  In the final assignment transaction, Midwest Electric filed to acquire the 700MHz guard band channel in 4 Nebraska counties.

Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment T-Mobile New Waveryly Independent School Dist WNC494 Map EBS P00486 - P35 GSA,30-48-15.7 N,95-42-18.8 W B
Assignment Midwest Electric Cooperative Access 700 WPRR316 Map 700MHz GB MEA034 - Omaha A
New Lease T-Mobile MERCED COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION WND216 Map EBS P02587 - P35 GSA,37-31-58.8 N,120-1-35.6 W G
New Lease T-Mobile Polar Communications B166 Map BRS BTA166 - Grand Forks, ND H
New Lease T-Mobile Polar Communications WLW888 Map BRS P02671 - P35 GSA,47-52-33 N,97-2-56 W F