Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - October 29, 2021 December 29, 2021 14:30

FCC Transactions from October 27, 2021
In this week's spectrum transactions, Geolinks filed to acquire a LMDS license in California from Nsight Communications.  This spectrum fits in with the other LMDS licenses that Geolinks purchased from Verizon a few months back.  T-Mobile also filed to acquire an EBS license in Kansas from Southeastern Kansas ESC.  This will provide T-Mobile continued access to these 4 - EBS G channels.  Rocky Mountain Broadband filed two assignment applications for EBS licenses in Colorado.  Rocky Mountain is receiving these licenses from Bridge The Divide Foundation.  In the final transaction, Pioneer Wireless filed a new lease application to access Verizon's AWS-1 spectrum in 6 Kansas counties.
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment Geolinks Nsight Communications WPLM487 LMDS BTA485 - Yuba City-Marysville, CA A
Assignment T-Mobile Southeastern Kansas Educational Service Center WLX296 Map EBS P02472 - P35 GSA,37-36-16 N,95-16-31 W G
Assignment Rocky Mountain Broadband Bridge The Divide Foundation WND352 Map EBS P00670 - P35 GSA,39-38-4.9 N,106-26-49.1 W A
Assignment Rocky Mountain Broadband Bridge The Divide Foundation WND368 Map EBS P02314 - P35 GSA,39-13-33 N,106-50-2.1 W A
New Lease Pioneer Wireless Verizon WQGB200 Map AWS-1 BEA126 - Western Oklahoma, OK B