Weekly Spectrum Transaction Summary - October 4, 2019 December 4, 2019 10:43

FCC Transactions from October 2, 2019
In this week's FCC transactions Verizon is acquiring 4 AWS-1 licenses and 1 PCS license in Iowa from Cedar-Wapsie, Dumont, FMTC and Rockwell Cooperative.  @Link Services submitted a new lease for access to 4 channels of EBS spectrum covering Stillwater, OK.  Sprint filed 2 new leases for EBS spectrum.  One of these leases provides 4 channels covering Birmingham, AL and the other lease provides 4 channels over Pensacola, FL.  Both of these leases were previously leased to Sprint.  The last transaction has Puloli leasing BPC Spectrum's 700MHz guard band channel in the majority of the Jacksonville, FL MEA market. 
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment Verizon Cedar-Wapsie Communications WQKY772 AWS-1 CMA424 - Iowa 13 - Mitchell A
Assignment Verizon Dumont Wireless WQKD780 AWS-1 CMA424 - Iowa 13 - Mitchell A
Assignment Verizon FMTC Wireless WQBF327 PCS MTA032 - Des Moines-Quad Cities B
Assignment Verizon FMTC Wireless WQGV742 AWS-1 CMA424 - Iowa 13 - Mitchell A
Assignment Verizon Rockwell Cooperative Telephone WQKD782 AWS-1 CMA424 - Iowa 13 - Mitchell A
New Lease @ LINK SERVICES, LLC Yale Public Schools WLX849 Map EBS P02871 - P35 GSA,36-11-12.2 N,96-50-18.1 W G1234
New Lease Sprint SANTA ROSA COUNTY SCHOOL WNC236 Map EBS P01139 - P35 GSA,30-39-23.7 N,87-11-41.9 W A1234
New Lease Sprint Jefferson State Community College WND234 Map EBS P00793 - P35 GSA,33-29-4.4 N,86-48-25 W A1234
New Lease Puloli BPC Spectrum WPRR302 Map 700MHz GB MEA009 - Jacksonville A