Weekly Spectrum Transactions Summary - May 7, 2021 July 7, 2021 08:00

FCC Transactions from May 5, 2021
In this week's transactions, T-Mobile filed two assignment applications to acquire EBS spectrum in Texas and North Dakota.  Both of these licenses are new to T-Mobile.  The North Dakota license (James Town) was leased for a month and now is being converted to a purchase while the Texas license was not previously leased.  T-Mobile also re-leased an EBS license in southern Oregon from Oregon State University.  In the final 4 applications, American Wireless is re-leasing four EBS licenses in the southern Utah region (St George).
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
Assignment T-Mobile Alvord Independent School District WLX731 Map EBS P02528 - P35 GSA,33-40-17.4 N,97-37-17.1 W B
Assignment T-Mobile James Town Public Schools WLX942 Map EBS P00363 - P35 GSA,46-54-29 N,98-42-22.4 W B
New Lease American Wireless Community Education Channel WNC746 Map EBS P01193 - P35 GSA,37-3-48.9 N,113-34-22.8 W D
New Lease American Wireless Dixie State University WNC818 Map EBS P01206 - P35 GSA,37-3-48.9 N,113-34-22.8 W C
New Lease American Wireless Tuacahn Amphitheater and Center for the Arts WNC817 Map EBS P02578 - P35 GSA,37-3-48.9 N,113-34-22.8 W A
New Lease American Wireless Utah State University Extension Service WNC742 Map EBS P02572 - P35 GSA,37-3-48.9 N,113-34-22.8 W G
New Lease T-Mobile OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY WNC771 Map EBS P02574 - P35 GSA,42-21-22.4 N,122-58-37.2 W D