Weekly Transaction Summary - January 3, 2020 March 3, 2020 00:00

FCC Transactions from December 31, 2019
In this week's FCC spectrum transactions, Sprint filed 3 new lease applications.  In the first two leases, Sprint receives continued access to a combined 8 EBS channels covering Saginaw, MI.  In the third lease, Sprint continues to have access to 4 EBS channels covering San Juan, PR.
Purpose Assignee Assignor CallSign Map RadioService Market Channel
New Lease Sprint The Source for Learning WLX291 Map EBS P00987 - P35 GSA,43-28-24.1 N,83-50-39.9 W C1234
New Lease Sprint The Source for Learning WLX292 Map EBS P02471 - P35 GSA,43-28-24.1 N,83-50-39.9 W D1234
New Lease Sprint PUERTO RICO MEDICAL ASSOCIATION WLX322 Map EBS P01825 - P35 GSA,18-23-33 N,66-19-5.6 W D1234