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Spectrum Analysis Tools - NR Band Enhancements (Input Requested) Mon, Apr 15, 2019

We recent made a couple of updates to our Millimeter Wave - Spectrum Ownership Analysis Tool to highlight NR Band configurations.  First, we added a Spectrum Depth by NR Band which shows a carrier's spectrum depth for each county along with their max spectrum depth and a population weighted average.  The next image below is where we would like to have your input.  Several of our customer have requested the ability to see the different channels sizes that a carrier can form in each NR Band.

We have done this before for the Mobile Carrier bands (600-4.2GHz) in our LTE Channel Analysis Module.  In our Mobile Carrier Tool we utilize 5MHz, 10MHz, 15Mhz, and 20 MHz as the standard channel sizes for LTE and we display them in the layout below.  What are the channel sizes that we should include for the NR bands in the Millimeter Wave frequencies?  The initial input we received included (400MHz, 300MHz, 200MHz, 100MHz, and 50MHz) channels.



Which format would be the most useful?  The above image groups the frequency band within each channel size, while the image below has channel sizes grouped by NR band.

The previous formats indicate the configurations that a carrier can achieve at a county-level.  To generalize a carrier's available channel size, I developed a histogram which indicates the number of occurrences for each channel size within a NR band.  The chart indicates that the dominant channel configuration for T-Mobile's 600MHz spectrum is 15MHz.  The image below only includes the counties associated with the Top 100 CMA markets which provide a more capacity/traffic related view.  Please provide input if you feel the histogram would be useful along with any other feedback.

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