T-Mobile 700MHz A Block Research Report August 18, 2014 14:38

AllNet Labs is now producing research reports on topics that have a broad interest with customers through out wireless industry.  These reports will typical contain maps to provide a geographical view on an issues as well as tabular analysis data.  Our first report focuses on the 700MHz A Block spectrum owners.  Later this week we will release a report on the Band 17 and 29 spectrum (700MHz B,C,D, and E Blocks) which AT&T has in their deployment plans.
T-Mobile 700MHz A Block - Research Report
This research report evaluates T-Mobile's ownership of the 700MHz A-Block.  T-Mobile is the primary owner of the licenses for this band for a majority of the US population.  This report provides a map detailing the geographies where T-Mobile is licensed as well as the geographies licensed to other carriers.  This report also details the spectrum depth (MHz) and MHz-POPS (relative spectrum valuation) for each of the 700MHz A-Block licensees.  Last, the Top 50 markets are evaluated to determine which licensee controls each of these critical markets.
The report includes:
Licensee Geographic Map

Licensee Holdings Summary Table

Top 50 Markets by Licensee