Spectrum Deep Tracks - Dish Spectrum Considerations January 17, 2024 17:00

I am excited to announce the launch of Spectrum Deep Tracks  - a research series developed in a partnership between SunStone Associates and Spectrum Metrics. 

We felt that there was a gap in the market on how to think about spectrum strategically, as an operator might.  This encompasses not only the technical aspects, but also competitive strategy, regulatory strategy, and valuation.  Operators are not one-dimensional and neither are their views on spectrum.

Spectrum Deep Tracks provides an avenue for Terry Chevalier and myself to engage in complex topics from our collective wireless carrier experiences in auction planning, strategy, corporate development, engineering, operations, and spectrum management.  We utilize tools from Spektrum Metrics to provide measurable data in our analysis. 

Our first collaboration - "Dish's Spectrum Portfolio - An Overview & Considerations" is available now at the Spektrum Metrics website

This first, approximately 60 page, paper explores DISH’s primary wireless spectrum bands to help investors, management consultants, and industry leaders understand the regulatory and historical context of each band, the technical considerations in usage, the key owners in the band, and how to consider value. DISH is often in the news and this will give you relevant information at your fingertips to better understand DISH’s moves.

The bands we discuss include:

 - 600 MHz
 - 700 MHz
 - AWS-3
 - AWS-H
 - AWS-4
 - 3.45 GHz

You can download a free version covering their 700 MHz band here.  The full report is available for purchase at Spektrum Metrics website. 

What other spectrum topics would you want to know more about?  Please comment below this post either in X or LinkedIn.