Explore the Diverse range of Carrier's Spectrum Assets Instantly April 16, 2024 18:00

Have you encountered a new wireless carrier or legacy carrier with complex spectrum assets? How can you validate frequency bands, available markets, and the available business opportunities (POPs), instantly.

One of the lesser know capabilities of Spektrum Metrics' Web Spectrum Viewer is the Licensed Population Analysis.  The Licensed Population Analysis displays the population that can be served by a carrier's licenses by band classification or frequency band. Below we have pulled up the National Licensed Population by Band Classification for C Spire (CSP).  Many are not familiar with the operation of C Spire including the frequency bands they control, the areas of the country they operate, and how many people they can reach with their licenses.

In looking at the data, we can quickly see that C Spire reaches roughly the same number of people (POPs) with each of the categories of spectrum:  Low for coverage, Low Mid for 4G services, and Up Mid for 5G services.

Looking at the Low Band - Licensed Population indicates that although they have all three bands available, the population they can serve with the cellular frequencies is about half the population they can serve with either 600MHz or 700MHz.  This is seen geographically in the maps at the bottom of the post.
Looking at the Lower Mid Band - Licensed Population indicates that C Spire's PCS is their largest Licensed Population segment reaching 3.5 million people.
In the last Band Classification, Upper Mid Band, C Spire controls EBS/BRS spectrum over a significant amount of their common population while their C-band spectrum covers slightly less.
Next we can use the Mapping Module to see the geographic license areas for each of the band classifications or frequency bands.
Total Spectrum:
Low Band Spectrum:
Cellular Spectrum:
Lower Mid Band Spectrum:
Upper Mid Band Spectrum: