Spectrum Transaction Summary and Alerts April 3, 2018 11:28

Beginning on March 1st, we have added an email service to provide customers with weekly alerts on the spectrum transactions for the US Mobile Carrier industry.  These transactions include spectrum assignments and long term leases. Below is an example of an actual Spectrum Summary and Alerts email notification.
The Spectrum Summary email is distributed on Friday mornings and it summarizes the transactions that were posted by the FCC on the typical Wednesday transaction announcement.   The assignee and assignor for each transaction are noted along with the markets, frequency bands, channel, and links to FCC maps for dis-aggregated spectrum. 
The Spectrum Alerts email is distributed whenever a transaction or noteworthy FCC notice is released on the other four week days.
The Spectrum Summary and Alerts emails provide a simple way to stay connected with the transactions affecting the US Mobile Carriers in a quick, easy to read format.  Subscriptions are company-wide.  Recipients can be added to our distribution list or have the email forwarded by a company contact.
FCC Assignment Transactions posted on March 28, 2018 
In this week's transactions, T-Mobile and Cross Wireless exchanged spectrum licenses in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Northeast Texas with T-Mobile receiving AWS-F band spectrum in Benton and Washington counties, and Cross Wireless receiving 2.5GHz of PCS spectrum in McCurtain county, OK and AWS3-G band spectrum in Pawnee County, OK and Delta, Lamar, and Red River counties, TX.   Appalachian Wireless is acquiring 600MHz-A spectrum in 8 Kentucky and Tennessee counties.  Sprint completed 2 new leases for EBS licenses in the Chicago area, and 1 new lease in Chattanooga, TN.  The last transactions involve leases from Silver Star Telephone to Gold Star Communication in the Wyoming markets.
Purpose Assignee Assignor Call Sign Partition Radio Service Market Channel Block
Assignment Cross Telephone T-Mobile WPOL282 Map PCS BTA443 - Texarkana, TX/AR C
Assignment Cross Telephone T-Mobile WQVP438 Map AWS-3 CMA598 - Oklahoma 3 - Grant G
Assignment Cross Telephone T-Mobile WQVP443 Map AWS-3 CMA658 - Texas 7 - Fannin G
Assignment Appalachian Wireless Cumberland Cellular WRAM732 Map 600MHz PEA096 - Richmond, KY A
Assignment T-Mobile Cross Telephone WQTC206 Map AWS-1 REA004 - Mississippi Valley F
Lease Sprint SOUTH SUBURBAN COLLEGE WLX940 Map EBS P00362 - P35 GSA,41-36-17.1 N,87-37-16.2 W B1234
Lease Sprint Triton College WHM934 Map EBS P02406 - P35 GSA,41-52-44.1 N,87-38-10.2 W B1234
Lease Sprint BEASLEY MEDIA GROUP WMI898 Map BRS P02039 - P35 GSA,35-12-34.3 N,85-16-38.9 W F1234
Lease Gold Star Communications Silver Star Telephone KNLG221 Map PCS BTA381 - Rock Springs, WY F
Lease Gold Star Communications Silver Star Telephone WQGV749 Map AWS CMA720 - Wyoming 3 - Lincoln A
Lease Gold Star Communications Silver Star Telephone WQVT393 Map PCS BTA381 - Rock Springs, WY E
Lease Gold Star Communications Silver Star Telephone WQXK484 Map PCS BTA353 - Pocatello, ID C