How Much Does US Spectrum Information Charge? March 3, 2020 14:36

Many times customers ask how much does spectrum information change as they decide between our monthly subscriptions and one-time purchases.  Many customers consider one-time purchases either annually or following an auction completion.  

In the chart below, we have indicated the number of database record updates that we have determined for each week's FCC filed transactions.  There are three peaks from 2019.  January 2019 represents Verizon's filing to acquire Straightpath's LMDS and 39GHz spectrum.    June 2019 highlights the posting of the Auction 102 licenses and October/November 2019 includes the Auction 103 licenses.  Outside of these auction result periods, most weeks have between 100 and 400 licensing record updates.  So in a typical month there may be between 400 and 1600 licensing record updates.

A licensing record update may only update one block of spectrum for one county, or it may update multiple blocks of spectrum for an entire market (EA, BTA, PEA, or MTA)

Clearly, there are alot more changes than you would expect.