Tribal Boundaries - EBS Auction (2.5 GHz) November 3, 2020 23:00

On October 23, 2020 the FCC granted EBS whitespace licenses to 154 Tribal  Applicants through the Tribal Priority Window.  This is the first stage to the EBS (2.5 GHz) auction.  Below is a map representing all 154 tribal areas (in brown) along with the licensing contours (in green) for the EBS A1 channel.  Most of the 154 tribal applications claimed the unlicensed (whitespace) area for each of the three EBS auction channels.  


It is important to recall that each of the EBS auction channels consists of multiple existing EBS channels that have different existing licensing boundaries.  EBS Auction Channel 1 consists of the A1 channel shown in the map along with 8 other EBS channels. In the map below, we show how the Tribal whitespace boundaries overlap with the existing license boundaries in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  For the areas that are covered by the green licensed areas, the Tribal applicants do not have access to the A1 channel in EBS Auction Channel 1.

To determine the amount of spectrum available to each Tribal area, you must evaluate the available whitespace area with the Tribal boundary for each existing license channel like we did above for the EBS A1 channel.